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Quick Guide on how to start with your crystals

When I was starting out, I found so much information on what to do with your stones. How to cleanse, program, grid, manifest etc. (all very overwhelming and lengthy in the beginning). Upon all my reading and practices over the years I have created a quick "How To" guide for my clients on these 2 things.

I will have in depth posts on "How to grid your home", "Methods on Manifestation", "Gemstone Properties", and "Gemstone grids" as well for the ones who love to study and read.

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Programing your stones

When you buy any gemstones for a specific purpose you want to program it to do what you need (This goes for gemstone jewelry as well). If they are multiple of the same stone you can hold them all at the same time. (Ex: If you have 4 Black Tourmaline for protection you can sit with them in your hand asking for protection, for negative energy to leave etc). With individual stones you want to sit with each one and ask for what you want help with. If you are using 2 for the same intention you can program them at the same time.

Clearing your stones

Once you really start carrying gemstones you will notice an energetic shift. Depending on how open you are it can be slight/very overwhelming. That being said, you will feel it when your stone has picked up too much and needs to be cleared. To do this, you can smudge them, leave it under the moonlight, place them on or near Selenite (it is an energetic clearing stone that doesn't need to be cleared itself) or leave it in sunlight. There are many methods but these I find are safe for any stone.

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