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Embroidered Rug

About Tirakuna




Welcome to the new and improved Tirakuna Collective!! What began as a strict healing practice paved a new path to a brighter, fun filled future. It's humble beginning created a new type of community; one that is authentic, transparent, messy, and beautiful. Tirakuna Collective is now the home of classes, groups, shopping and The Rebel Healer Podcast.

Our shop believes in ethical sourcing, fair trade and repurposing items that already exist and have been discarded. Members and small businesses that are a part of the Tirakuna community will also be featured with their handmade items. 

In a time of mass production, it has never been more important to begin and continue the conversation on ethical consumption and sourcing.

Tirakuna's mission is to help people achieve their own version of Wellness while keeping the planet in mind.

                                         WHERE OUR NAME COMES FROM

This name is special for so many reasons but here I will simply tell you what it means.

Tirakuna, is an Incan name for The Watchers of the Spirit World. They inhabit rock outcroppings, ancestral temple sites, burial grounds, deserts, and forests.

They keep watch as a reminder that performing ritual offerings is necessary to foster healing and balance for Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Collective is defined as a group that shares or is motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.

This embodies everything we believe in and the community we built shares one, some or all of the same values.

We are here to leave things better than we found it.

We know better.

Lets do better.

Tirakuna Collective is a safe place we can come together, uplift and support each other.

Welcome to our community!!

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