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It's Launch Time: September 18th, 2021

The time has finally come for the Tirakuna shop to launch. It has been a VERY long time coming. It has transformed in to so many different shops before it ever went out in to the world. Truth be told I never wanted one. That side of my brain for business is very uninterested. Working with my clients during the pandemic and not having a place I trusted for them to go to for their metaphysical needs is what did it. During the process of getting the online shop together I just kept eliminating things because I never really liked the idea of up selling people on things they don't really need or understand. However, I will be offering a more extensive line of items in person when we go to markets and festivals.You will also be able to claim items on Instagram when they are posted.

Being that Tirakuna Collective is personal and close to my heart it only seemed fitting that my launch date is my little ones birthday; September 18th, 2021. Anyone who knows me, knows animals are very important to me...there is nothing I hold closer to my heart. That being said, a percentage of sales from her birthday to my birthday on October 14th will be donated to the North Shore Animal League. They are the largest no kill animal shelter that I adopted my 2 amazing dogs from. Their Emergency Rescue Team recently took in 55 puppies and dogs from areas that suffered due to Hurricane Ida.

If you aren't in to shopping right now, consider making any donation you can. Every little bit helps them....OR if you love dogs as much as i do, consider adopting and not shopping.

Thank you all for your continued support and keeping it positive. I appreciate it so much.

* Also, any orders placed on the 18th will go out on Monday the 20th. That day is about my girl.*

Zeppelin (adopted from North Shore Animal League)

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