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Well, Well, Well!

Where have we been? Technically we have been here. The shop has been live, the instagram open (not used, but open).

Honesty time.

My heart wasn't in it.

I wanted it to be, but this is "Truth be Told".

If you have been here from the beginning, you know why I opened up the shop. I wanted a place where my clients, friends and family could purchase their metaphysical tools. A place that supported other small businesses, had ethically sourced items and more.

While the mission stayed the same, I had to admit that I don't like business. I don't love being glued to social media and curating for the sake of consumerism. My heart lies in creating, art, and writing for the hell of it. No strings attached.

That being said, how the hell did we end up at Newberry Market?

Quite some time ago I found the market and applied to be a part of it.

I never heard back and I had decided that at the end of 2023 it would be the end.

The end of the shop, the end of paper work, the end of inventory.

The spirits had other plans for me.

Out of the blue I received an email from the market offering me a place to rent.

While I was ready to close the virtual doors, I never say no to the spirits.

There is a reason for everything after all.

So here we are, we are back in it.

The response to Tirakuna has (mostly) been positive and it is definitely nice to be in the community.

Now we are in the midst of creating a new healing practice. Shamanism in its purest form that I learned it in just doesn't seem to fit. Instead of leaving it all behind, we're creating something new that fits like a puzzle piece.

Stay Tuned and Thank you for your continued support.

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